New acquisitions in Western Flanders


Vabeld reported in 2022 that it acquired a number of properties in the northern part of Western Flanders. In 2024, three more properties were bought in this area with possibly more underway.

The focus on Bruges remains intact with an acquisition on the historic ‘Markt’ , on the corner with the Vlamingstraat. Vabeld won a public auction and immediately relet the property to a local retailer.

In addition, 2 rented properties were purchased in the Steenstraat, the main Bruges shopping street. Finally, another property was added to the portfolio in the Vlaanderenstraat in Ostend, located on the corner with the Langestraat.


Residential acquisition in Constanta


Residential acquisition in Constanta

Whereas Vabeld is not typically investing in residential property, it has now done just that. We acquired 35 apartments in Constanza’s prime beach resort town called Mamaia. All apartments are located on one floor of a large scale project containing more than 10 such floors and called White Titanic. The project is currently under construction and will have several communal areas including a swimming pool, spa, sport accommodation, etc.

Almost all apartments have a direct beachfront view and come with an underground parking spot.

Construction is expected to be finished in 2025.


Vabeld re-enters German RE market


After having sold its German entity in 2020, Vabeld has now set up a new structure and acquired an industrial property in the town of Wittlich, in Rheinland Palatinate. The site has a surface area of 37.000 sqm and a built surface area of approximately 12.000 sqm. The property is rented long term to Helmut Meeth Gmbh, a mid-sized German windowmaker. Our neighbor is the main production plant of the well known Dr Oetker brand.


Vabeld invests in Port of Constanza (Romania)


Vabeld Real Estate has made an investment in the Midia port of Constanza, on the Black Sea. The Port is in full expansion mode with several new constructions and platforms programmed in the next 18 months. This port is operated by an experienced operator and large player in the Constanza Port. Vabeld sees this a long term investment and has agreed an option to increase its stake in this new venture in the months and years to come.

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